Thursday, 11 June 2015

Moral Combat!

The convoluted view of the other, destroys all facets of morality. Good or Bad doesn’t matter, what we crave is self-gratification. We do ‘good’ so we can feel good and vice versa with bad – morality is all selfish.

So is the world’s judicial system; perpetuated and negated at a whim according to the governments self-interest. Ok all of this is pretty obvious but what isn’t is the fact that ‘morality’ changes with time.

At one point in time, I would’ve been commended for ratting out a witch, now witches are sources of fictional entertainment (depending on where you live)

Change the laws? Blaspheme! The Supreme Court love the status quo, they’re lapping up all the monetary and self-gratifying benefits. I guess it’s up to us or maybe another braver/defeated generation to address this.

We (our generation) like to talk big about revolution, but when the time comes and an angry mob asks “are you with us or against us?”, trust that we’ll march – until we need to charge our smartphones.